Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need to be Brad Pitt or anyone else (and it is for this)


04 April 2020
(16:43 CET)

Jennifer Aniston got in the autumn on Instagram and showed that it has a special charisma. He managed to reach the 20 million followers with just a photo and of course, that is paid.

The brands that pay pretty well to the american actress seems to have to renegotiate their contracts with it to the upside.

And is that Jennifer Aniston was getting $ 10 million per year just for sponsorship, since, among other brands was the visible face of the Emirates.

jennifer aniston 2

Streaming the loves

However, there is not just the income of an actress that has been found in the world of streaming your ideal platform and the series ‘The Morning Show’ it seems that the has made gold again.

Up to a million dollars per episode would be earning Jennifer Aniston in this series, figures that you already know very well, because it was the same one that won in his time in Friends by chapter.

A heritage huge

The truth is that Jennifer Aniston you do not need to have Brad Pitt in your life if this is what you are thinking (which it seems that it is so).

The american actress has a heritage of more than 300 million dollars, which increased by about 20 million dollars per year, a real stupid notion.