Jennifer Lopez opens her legs, shoves her hand in there and do this I photo bomb!


04 April 2020
(18:29 CET)

The relativity of time becomes irrefutable when the great Jennifer Lopez shown to the public. Despite having a long career in the music and film industry, you never know for sure how to amaze. In the photo bomb that made her sigh to his followers, he made a pose that none thought to see again, and least 50 years of age.

In his unchanging way diva, the artist of Castle Hill conquered the camera, all of the present and the observers later with a dress original openings on the sides. That area without fabric allowed to observe their curves and that down there was nothing more. The position of his hand you lose with the cloth, making the arrival of rise of voltage.

Viewing these snapshots makes their fans want a lot more his back to the stage. What is certain is that, those want the public to see her showing off all his talent, will be reflected in concerts later full with no space for anyone else. It is proven today more than ever the appreciation to the one named Diva of the Bronx, which has no expiration date.

Jennifer Lopez and the alliance with Guess

The american artist, was selected as the protagonist of the new advertising campaign of Guess. The reason for the creative work was to recreate, according to Paul Marciano, who was the director: “Between a movie star’s Italian years 60, with Madonna of the 80’s and Sofia Loren”.

Jennifer Lopezfor his part, said of the experience: “it Was fun to play a character and make this happen. The clothing and the location of the shooting of the campaign worked really well together to make this campaign could become alive”. This is a small part of the large amount of projects that come to the artist when he may finally overcome the drama generated by the COVID-19.