Kendall Jenner skips the quarantine with a whim of rich girl


Kendall Jenner eveno

04 April 2020
(12:56 CET)

One of the models more known in the world, with a reputation as dramatic and annotated as any woman of his family, that is Kendall Jenner. Despite being in quarantine, could not leave to do a show to stay in the public eye. What best characterizes Kendall is that he has no modesty to do things.

As it has been known for years, Jenner is not afraid of the public opinion. What has been shown in many ways, including recently used dresses almost entirely transparent with a lot of pride in events prestigious. In general, we like to make an impact and that is comment. It is what he intended to do this time, only that his followers were not pleased with the idea.

Through their Instagram stories, the celebrity posted a video in which you see the inside of a body old and his boot. He says that: “I just had to put it up”. Which was interpreted by many that the vagaries of the model came very far. Instead of staying at home and accept the quarantine, decided to take a walk to your car. Previously, confessed that it was the object more expensive that I had acquired some time, because it is a vintage car.

Kendall Jenner makes sure to be in quarantine

It is illogical that people like us give in to despair inside of mansions of luxury. That is to say, how could that be? They have it all. Although the concern surpassed any snarky comment, as many were demanding answers, the star had to clarify the why of their actions.

Kendall Jenner he said: “of course I have to stay at home!! taking very seriously this quarantine, in addition to that, he said, “But neither is it a bad idea to take fresh air always kept at a safe distance from others and follow all the guidelines. Stay healthy everyone.” The buzz is beginning to fade after that, however, did not prevent the thought of that is going to put at risk your life for a car.