Lady Gaga and the music world mourns the confession more heartbreaking


Lady Gaga

April 03, 2020
(21:21 CET)

This 2020 has served to know, among other things, that sexual assaults are the order of the day, even among the big stars which a priori are more protected.

Lady Gaga revealed to take out his new song ‘Stupid Love’, which had been violated and that the stress later, was even worse than the act of sex itself.

In fact, it is not the only singer this year who has confessed having gone through this trauma and the secuales that has left him.

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The farewell of Duffy

The music can become a lucrative career and weary at the same time, this is why many artists decide to leave for a long time to devote to other projects or rest. For Duffythe reason has been another very disturbing.

The british singer who is currently 35 years old, came to the top in terms of popularity with their issue Mercybut since 2010 was very little he could know of it. The silence made her think that something bad had happened, since his disappearance from the media was dramatic.

From your Instagram, Duffy finally gave his reasons for leaving the music. The reasons touched the heart of the musical world.

The words of the artist were: The truth is, and believe me that I am safe and well now, that I was raped, drugged, and held captive for a few days. Of course that I survived. The recovery took its time. There is a soft way to say it. But I can say that in the last decade were thousands and thousands of days that I made a commitment to wanting to feel the light of the sun in my heart again. Now the sun shines.

To get rid of all this tragic cluster of negative feelings, his return to the music might be near. Duffy overcame the worst moment of his life and now looks stronger than ever. Does your music come charged with emotion?