Lara Alvarez is recorded with two dogs, but nobody looks at the dogs! (and it is for this)


April 03, 2020
(12:03 CET)

It seems that Lara Alvarez has heard the prayers of many of his followers that he was claiming to re-upload content to their social networks. And is that already for many days the presenter of Survivors had chosen to remain on the sidelines and not post anything on Instagram.

Taking into account that the presenter of Telecinco is one of those celebrities that tends to be very regular when you upload content, the comments started to be numerous.

Lucky for her nearly 2 million followers, Lara “has become”, as they say many of them. Yes, he has done so with a publication that is not very usual in their social networks.

The video of Lara Álvarez

Many expected one of those posed in a bikini like his followers more faithful. In a bikini yes, it has appeared, but not exactly posing. And is that the asturian has returned to demonstrate the love you have towards animals and, in this particular case, to Tequila and Gifiti, two puppies dog, as we can see in the pictures, cause that Lara bring out your vein more tender.

A video that has already generated more or less that half a million likes and that evidence of the eager that had each and every one of his followers to know news Alvarez. Yes, as much as the dogs have generated a good part of the comments, as you would expect has also been the bikini Lara what has filled opinions in the comment section.

“My mother if it is that this girl is a beauty”, “the bikini you is phenomenal”, “Brutal Lara”, “The wait is well worth it”, “yes that is back to the big” or “One of your best bikinis Lara” these are just some of the many comments in this regard.

Let’s see if in the next few days Lara returns to surprise with a video as well, or again, as many expect, his “spectacular” buildings.