Let yellow teeth! The five foods that stain and they are these!


yellow teeth

04 April 2020
(11:33 CET)

Few things give a better first impression than a smile resplendent. In fact, according to polls, is one of the main weapons of seduction that the human being has. To understand this, you can have an alignment of teeth perfect and do not stop to smile, but if they are yellow, large part of the effort will be lost. To prevent this awkward and undesirable situation, we show you five foods that stain teeth.

The five foods that stain teeth

Not everything depends on thorough cleaning, because the pigment that is derived from some food is deadly to the mission of white teeth. Mainly are the drinks of those who affect in a higher proportion.

1 – Wine

The wine is one of the worst is the enamel, either red or white. The chromogens, tannins and the acidity are the harmful factors in this case. Consumption recurring will tend to darken the teeth.

2 – Coffee

The coffee has an international reputation as the enemy of shades favorable in the smiles. Its effect is due to the tannins and chromogens. Clear that, the addiction that causes this drink, despite having many other benefits, it becomes a long term problem.

3 – Tea

Few imagined that the tea showing something negative, but what is certain is that it creates yellow stains. Versions less recommended if we want to take care of our mouth are the black tea and the red.

4 – energy Drinks

Not only generate decay, but your good amount of acid will affect the enamel in a gradual manner. By where you look, energy drinks are not as favorable.

5 – Sauces

The sauces that we use to accompany some of the dishes may cause severe problems in the teeth. When you see the color as we can notice its impact, since it is proportional to the intensity of their tone. Some add-ons that are not recommended are: vinegar of Modena, soy and bleaching.

The yellow teeth will bring to your life if it prevents or reduces the consumption of the above mentioned five foods.