Livia Brito boasts its attributes with your best company in the quarantine


Livia Brito falls in love with his fans Instagram with a spectacular photo with his dog called “Crazy”who is the best company of the beautiful actress cuban during this time of quarantine by Coronavirus, a publication that he was happy to the day to his more than 4.8 million followers the show-off their attributes with slender rose dress.

The actress that we saw in the series Televisa, “The Pilot”, enthralled with its well-proportioned curves of a heart attack, letting you see near their turned legs together with a lovable canine, be a part of their frequent posts on social networks to help his fans cope with the quarantine and sharing part of your life style.

The publication received over 150 thousand likes in less than two hours, where Livia Brito also asked his followers who consider themselves animal lovers of company; recalling that these small four-legged do not transmit the COVID-19, or at least has not confirmed anything about it.

  • The animals sometimes are the best company in the difficult moments. I present to you Crazy! My best company in this quarantine Who loves pets?

Livia Brito on Instagram

The cuban actress is active on both Twitter and Instagram, their fans were not slow to send large amount of feedback high tone and praising its natural beauty, along with his love for animals, being an example to follow for the attitude to take in these difficult times facing the society.

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There is No doubt that the sultry actress, of cuban origin, has had much success in the mexican television, his most recent job was in the soap opera Doctors “line of life”; its rating on Televisa was questioned, but not the performance of Livia Brito, pus has become one of the most famous darlings of the small screen.