Maribel Guardia reveals the secret of her eternal youth ¡OMG!

The singer and actress Maribel Guardia has achieved popularity both on tv and in social networks, because the pretty famous in the middle of the entertainment knows how to entertain the gentlemen, and it is through publications very hot.

Something that has left you fascinated to the users is to see the stunning body that possesses the artist, who looks like a young man of 20 to 60 years of age, becoming the inspiration of many girls who wish to have their spectacular figure.

But, what is the secret of the famous?, the actress knows that being a public figure requires diet, extensive routines in the gym and of course some tweaks aesthetic, but apparently revealed what he does to have a infartante body.

In a recent photo that went up to Instagram, the famous assumption that you have a room fully equipped with machines to exercise, but something that shocked the fans was that the actress revealed her secret to look very attractive at 60 years of age.

The actress revealed her secret to a hot body

Through social networks a girl he questioned the singer Maribel Guardia that training routines to have a few curves of infarction, to what the famous revealed that only exercise three times a week.

Fans of the famous crazed to know that does not do extensive routines, even something that has not passed unnoticed as he saw the sexy outfit sports used, because the actress has become an inspiration to his faithful admirers, who enjoy to appreciate the beauty of the artist.

The actress reveals her secrets to having hot body Photo: Instagram

The actress reveals her secrets to having hot body Photo: Instagram

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The actress Maribel Guardia has shown that there is no impediment to exercise, because at 60 years of age enjoys doing their exercise routines to maintain a hot body spectacular.

Photo: Instagram.

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