Maribel Guardia turns on Instagram with tremendous video

Maribel Guardia managed to leave breathless to his followers in Instagram and several internet Users after sharing a tremendous video, where the actress showed off her enviable figure in slow motion and with each of their outfit more sexy.

In this video you can see Maribel Guardia swinging on a swing, but with a brand new mini-dress in red color, which ended up framing every one of his attributes, and of course thanked his followers in Instagram.

And the best thing is that this video is done in slow motion, which allowed the users to be able to appreciate in a better way the excellent silhouette of this actress of 60 years. Since we can’t deny that Maribel Guardia has one of the bodies most spectacular show business in mexico.

Maribel Guardia turns on Instagram

Maribel Guardia has become the perfect example of someone who takes care of your body you can get excellent results no matter age. Already, on various occasions, this actress has managed to hitting us with its great silhouette.

And this time was no exception, as Maribel Guardia managed to surprise her more than 4.7 million followers with this great video that in less than a day has made more than 380 thousand views, 46 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

Maribel Guardia boasts your figure

Remember that Maribel Guardia as many other mexican artists, has been in social isolation from their home, by what we have seen share some of your moments these last few weeks.

You may be interested to Maribel Guardia paralyzes Instagram with mini dress of myocardial o showing it all!

Even a few days ago he shared a video next to your grandson in this same swing, a video that captivated many of his followers on Instagram, who held the Maribel Guardia for her role as a grandmother.

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