Oh scandal! Conductive Televisa is the make me laugh and destroy networks


In the behind-the-scenes of the program “Today”the presenter Lambda Garcia several interviews to his other companions, but it seems that the presence of one of the conductive Televisa has given what to talk about on social networks.

And is that all came about when Andrea Escalona interrupted a talk I was having the producer Magda Rodriguez with Raul Araiza, because the comment that made the tv presenter caused a stir and became the make me laugh section.

We remember that some drivers of the program “Today” have had to be absent due to the contingency of the disease, the coronavirus, because in the forum lack the presence of Marisol Gonzalez, Paul Stanley and “The “Burro” Van Rankin.

From several days ago that the presenters have taken the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus Covid-19, but the presence of one of the conductors of this morning seems not to please internet users, as they have submitted strong comments for the occurrences that makes.

Internet users have been amazed by the absence of some drivers in the program of Televisa, for which they have mentioned that they don’t want to see Andrea Escalona, who has become the target of ridicule in social networks.

Tunden a famous conductor of Televisa

While other users have noticed that due to the absence of the favorite drivers of the program “Today” in the forum, his other companions only transmit tiredness and laziness, which did not hesitate to criticize the daughter of the producer.

“It is very obnoxious, you don’t have the charisma for television”, “I don’t know because the heavy-Andrea Escalona always does everything for attention.” Were some comments of the users.

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We remember that the arrival of the conductor, Andrea Escalona to the program seen more in Televisa, divided opinions on social networks, because for some years the presenter was part of the company of TV Azteca, he even had a romance with one of the drivers “Window”.

Photo: The Broken Chair.