Osmariel demonstrates that he did with the money they charged for the greetings in the Famous (+VIDEO)


After becoming to know that the model and cheerleader venezuela Osmariel Villalobos had a profile in the application ‘Celebrities’, where the artists charge a certain amount for sending a personalized greeting, this explained their reasons.

To criticism he was receiving because of that users considered that the amount he was asking was outrageous, Osmariel had to clarify in their social networks that the money that put it together donate to a foundation that works to avoid a greater spread of the coronavirus.

Now it seems that the creole kept his word, for through their stories Instagram informed of the donation made to ‘CDC Foundation’, for the amount of 187.50 dollars.


NOT EXCEED – User it reminds me of Osmariel Villalobos his scandal of Tulum “we Already know that you are prepaid” (+SCREENSHOT)

This is an independent non-profit organization created to mobilize philanthropic resources and the private sector to to support the critical work of protecting the health of the Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseases.

Villalobos also noted that the idea was continue collecting money to help more foundations need, especially in these times with the crisis that exists in the world by the pandemic, in addition to showed the proof of the donation.

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