Paula Echevarría is left photograph without the top and nothing underneath!


04 April 2020
(11:59 CET)

Paula Echevarría is with the fly behind the ear. A paparazzi you spoiled your fun quarantine. The actress knows how to get the positive side to all things and more with the company of his daughter Daniella or your partner, Miguel Torres. Although some are in charge of despretigiar his career, Echevarria confesses to be better than ever, even of confinement. The Candás active your body and is distracted with his training sessions in his private gym. An hour in the morning and another in the afternoon. Thanks to these exercises releases endorphins. Very necessary in these moments.

The former of David Bustamante is angry to see a vehicle with an occupant inside parked a few meters from the door of his house. The singer and the actress are often seen during this confinement to pick up his daughter Daniella who is spending a few days with the father and with the mother. Images very valuable for some of the magazines of the heart. Echevarría sees it intolerable that this work can be done during this confinement. For her it is not an “essential activity” spy on another person. And for this reason he has not hesitated to report it to the police through his account of Instagramwhere has millions of followers.


paula echevarria topless white black

There are many people who have misgivings to the actress, her known haters. Those who are almost sure that the asturian copy their looks of other well-known celebrities. “Don’t complain that this is what you were doing before being so well known”, will write one by adding a photograph released by the photographer Xavi Gordo where you can see the actress without the top in an image very sensual.

There they go: “Browsing my photo archive I found this picture, unprecedented Paula Echevarría I did in 2014. Paula it is an example of humility, work and effort!!”.

“I remember that day he came to the shooting in the afternoon, half-sick, having woken up at 4 in the morning to go to shoot his new series… And still not had a bad face to no one in the entire session of photos… Sweet and you delivered as always!! It is for this reason that working hard has its rewards and Pau it is the clear example of this,” he Fat.

The relationship of Paula with the aforementioned photographer is more than good. It is for this reason that recently, the asturian returned to pose for Fat another amazing result. Although something more stuffy.

paula's take on perfume