Salma Hayek suffers ANXIETY in this quarantine and that is as calm


Salma Hayek has caused quite a stir on social networks after which share it in your account Instagram a small recommendation for calm anxiety this quarantine can cause in people, so that their fans assumed the talented Hollywood actress could be suffering from.

Once again it has been proven that even the famous can have a life full of luxuries and comforts in their homes, this will not be sufficient to combat anxiety that generates thousands of people being locked up for so long on a single site.

This quarantine, which has been implemented in several countries of the world to decrease the spread of the coronavirus, it seems to not be liked by many people because through social networks is possible to observe that are not going well and in the last days, Salma Hayek has joined this long list.

Salma Hayek suffers ANXIETY in this quarantine and that’s as the calm.

Salma Hayek shares tips anti-anxiety

The talented actress of 53 years old wanted to share a photo through his account of Instagram to show his fans the way you live this quarantine, in which you can see Salma Hayek doing a yoga position on what appears to be a metal bed.

“When you start to go to the wave after three weeks in quarantine,” wrote Salma Hayek in Instagram.

Salma Hayek has wanted to launch a new challenge on Instagram called #YogaInHeels, which consists in making the same position that she has performed in high heels as in the picture, the famous actress has worn her spectacular figure in a black dress that was accompanied with some high shoes of the same color.

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Salma Hayek suffers ANXIETY in this quarantine and that’s as the calm.

Photography has been highly acclaimed in the social networking because in less than eight hours he was able to overcome the 373 thousand 390 likes on Instagram and the comments section was filled with compliments that flatter Salma Hayek for look beautiful even in these times of crisis.

Photos: Instagram @salmahayek