She is Giordana, the beautiful niece of Alejandra Guzmán


Giordana is the niece of Alejandra Guzman, but few people know, however this beautiful young man at his young age is already an entrepreneur. Was Sylvia Pasquel who was in charge of throwing it to fame by a picture on their social networks.

Giordana, a niece of Alejandra Guzmán

Silvia Pinal formed to one of the families most controversial of Mexico. Throughout his life he has been protagonist of several scandals. The actress was married four times, was the wife of Emilio Azcárraga Milmo and Pedro Infante, but without doubt, his most controversial was his marriage to Enrique Guzman who currently still frequents due to their children in common.

Alejandra and Luis Enrique Guzman are the sons of Silvia and Enrique, both have given them grandchildren to their parents, while Frida Sofía, daughter of the queen of rock is very famous because of various controversies and scandals, on the other hand the family of his younger brother is not related to the guild, and few know their three children.

A few days ago that the beautiful Sylvia Pasquel surprised to post a picture with his niece, the eldest daughter of his half-brother, Giordana, the young entrepreneur has her own brand of jewelry and has been known to open a path for herself, her aunt showed proud of her and her followers were stunned with its beauty.

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Your account of instagram has 46 publications and more than 4 thousand followers who revel in the pupil daily with beautiful and hot photos of the young Guzman is, without a doubt it will not be much time to make it more known among the influencers of Mexico. And you do already you know?