So lucy, the physicist, of Barbara de Regil before being a famous girl fitness


One of the famous sexiest women of the tv is beautiful Barbara de Regil, who at age 32 has achieved popularity in the social networks, but before you be a famous girl fitness, his physique did not look like now.

Some years ago, the actress was very focused on the care of your daughter, because from a young age became a mom, so it was always her first priority to take care of your small, who now is a beautiful young woman.

Despite the responsibilities of being a single mother, did not prevent him from the famous to accept a job offer to star in a successful series, as the actress was chosen to be a part of “Rosary Scissors”.

Since that time, the actress achieved popularity because of the character he played in that project, which was launched in the year of 2016, and following his success on the small screen were two more seasons of the entertaining story.

The famous Barbara de Regil, began to make new changes, as dedicated to changing your lifestyle by eating healthier and begin to transform your body, for it has now become one of the girls fitness most sought-after in social networks.

The drastic physical change of the actress

In social networks have been filtered, the amazing physical change that has had the mexican actress, because in an interview had revealed that the only operation that has been performed is breast augmentation, and to achieve a hot body spectacular has been very disciplined with their training and their diets.

Remember that Barbara de Regil began to participate in television in the year 2009 due to a reality show, as the 23-year-old, she had the opportunity to be part of “New Generation Telehit”. at that time the physique of the girl fitness lucia too different from the current one.

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The mexican actress has become a famous trainer, fitness, as through the social networks, enjoys to motivate the girls to change their lifestyle, and at 32 years of age looks a hot body spectacular.

Photo: Instagram.