The coronavirus in Spain leaves 950 dead in a day and there are already more than 10,000 dead


Spain returned to record another maximum in the number of dead daily, with 950 deaths in the last 24 hours, and already are 10.003 people who have lost their lives because of the coronavirus in the country.

Data provided Thursday by the Ministry of Health outlined that there are 110.238 people infected with hiv and in the Intensive Care units (ICU) there are 6.092 people. Most of 54.000 patients are hospitalized and 26.743 have received the medical discharge, that is an increase of 18 percent compared to yesterday.

The dr. María José Sierra, the Coordination Center Alerts and Health Emergencies, welcomed the new figures and said it maintains “an increase of 8 percent of hiv infections”. “This points to a stabilization,” he said during the press conference.

“Some communities may communicate the accumulated data and others reflect the number of patients yesterday were in the ICU, therefore this slope of increase that needs to be analyzed with care. The occupation of the ICU is still critical in some communities, because the stays are long,” he explained.

The minister of Health, Bran Illa, he also said that it has entered into the stage of stabilization. “When we speak of the deceased there is no good data, but the curve has stabilized and started the phase of slowdown,” said during his appearance on the Health committee of the Congress of deputies.

“At the international level, until today, have been confirmed to 800,000 cases and 47,000 deaths. The united states is the country with the most infections. In China, the situation is still favorable, as well as in South Korea. Italy remains the most affected country in Europe. In recent days, the number of daily cases has slowed down,” she said.

“Spain is the second country with the highest number of cases in Europe. The daily increase of cases has been of 8% compared to yesterday. Madrid is the community most affected”, he added.

“There will be consequences in the economy, but without health there is no economy”

With respect to the adopted measures, such as limiting the mobility and to suspend the economic activities that are not essential, the holder of Health explained that these are decisions that are focused to prevent the collapse of health services.

“To avoid that the system was unable to absorb new cases, it was necessary to decrease the number of hospital admissions. The most effective way was to limit all the movements, except for essential activities. We have been three days since the measure came into force and the data tell us that the mobility is decreasing,” said Illa.

“All health systems are going to stress in all countries. To exit the tunnel it is necessary the implication of all. There will be consequences in the economy, but without health there is no economy,” he said.

The representative of the Government of Spain said it has mobilized all the resources “to have all the medical supplies necessary.” “In addition to the shopping, we have worked to increase the national production of key products. The results are bearing fruit”, he remarked.

“As we do between 15,000 and 20,000 tests daily, but we think that there are increase. We have domestic manufacturing enough, but the bottleneck is the manufacturing of the extraction kit”, acknowledged the minister.

The worldwide pandemic has left more than 47,000 dead.