The director of ‘Never turn off the light’ has filmed a terrifying sequel to at home in full quarantine


It was only a matter of time that, in the midst of the international quarantine to the us has launched a coronavirus, proliferara the creativity of directors and screenwriters who are confined in their houses. In Spain, the next week TVE will premiere a sitcom written by the screenwriters of ‘Shame’ and ‘Champions’ and recorded by actors in their own houses. These projects ‘improvised’ are emerging around the world, and a good and scary example is this short film, ‘Shadowed’.

Shadowed – Short Horror from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.

The Swedish David F. Sandberg, director of ‘Never turn off the light’ and ‘Annabelle: Creation’, has taken advantage of the quarantine to create a piece of terror in three minutes. The stars Lotta Losten, and his wife, actress and producer who has small roles in all his films and that, obviously, was the clear choice when you’re filming at home.

In the short film, which Sandberg has described as “a companion to the short film ‘Lights Out'”a woman discovers that a shadow threatening to stalk your house. The director has commented in Twitter that will edit a “making-of” in the next few days to show how he has used After Effects, fSpy, and Blender to create the effects, filming with a camera the Blackmagic 4K.

In march the sequel of ‘¡Shazam!’


Sandberg became a director of terror of popularity when the short film of 2013 ‘Lights Out’ is viralizó to the point that it became a feature film three years later. It turned out so well that Warner Bros commissioned the sequel ‘Annabelle’, which again give results (at least at the box office), and the director then jumped into a genre completely different to directing ‘¡Shazam!’, the adaptation of the superhero of DC. A movie more than decent with a tone between the family and the teen comedy madcap of the 80’s and 90’s, of the most recommendable of the Universe extended DC.

Since the sequel was announced in 2019, with a release date in April 2022. Of time, according to Sandberg, that is still standing: “We were going to start rolling out this year, but who knows how long this crisis?”had this week “Until now, I’ve been working on the script. And we’ll see in a couple of months what is painted“. We are glad that you have taken out a short time, between writing and the writing of ‘¡Shazam! 2’, to go back to their terrifying roots.