‘The house of paper’ 4×03, ‘anatomy Lesson’: “All this shit atufa and is already completed, chiquita”


This is the third chapter of eight, with which we will analyze in-depth the episodes of Part 4 of ‘The house of paper’. We will post two a day.

Starts off strong episode, with Tokyo assuring that you can “declare your love to strike”. Well, it’s not the best way, but in ‘The house of paper’ we already know that there are more punches than hugs. Meanwhile, the Professor and Marseille rescue Antoñanzas of your pool. We have filled the house, and cars, explosives, fake, giving you a friendly alibi to work with them. That and a few wads of banknotes. Antoñanzas, which has already seen how the spend Sierra and Tamayo in the margins of the law, is a perfect time to be collaborative with a terrorist heart good that you are offering a lot of money. And this is how the Professor gets his ace in the sleeve. Antoñanzas confirms that Raquel Murillo is alive, and the Teacher gives you the key to her to know that he is near: your watch.

'The house of paper'

Of a watch to a pendant: Denver has decided to show that he is not a chauvinist, manufacturing a heart of gold to Stockholm. The poor man has not heard of anything. But when you are going to give you, sees that your ex-girlfriend is cozying up with the River. So he decides to not give him the heart, literally and figuratively.

However, the one that has lost the heart and the head, but by Nairobi, is Bogotá. What had you seen it coming? I don’t either. The gypsy girl is still unconscious, and if we remember she was in love with Helsinki. As said, the Objective Burma: “Uh, go mess”.

To mess that walks tucked Lisbon, which is not eliminated 100% with the evidence of his call to his mother and his daughter. Alberto, her ex-husband, is going to consider that ambulance and end up finding a SIM card that will guide you to the Philippines, and towards the only thing that the police could use to negotiate against Lisbon.

'The house of paper'

Meanwhile, Palermo continues forward with their plan, a plan that is suicidal and stupid: to ally themselves with Gandia for this becomes “the agent of chaos that we need to. In ‘Alien, the eighth passenger’, in John McClane in ‘Hard to kill'” (that was the title argentine of ‘forest of glass’). And to start, I recommend that you load against River, the weakest link of the robbery at this time.

'The house of paper'

Outside the Bank, the Teacher arrives to a shelter like the same from who coordinated the robbery to the House of the Moneda y Timbre. In a conversation with Tokyo, requested to report to Palermo that Lisbon is alive. Wants you to give with a plan to rescue her: “I need you to Palermo again to fall in love with the plan”. In connection with this, a flashback shows the moment in which the Teacher decided to rely on Palermo and join him and Berlin to give shape to the stroke. “This is much more than a mugging, and you know it well”says the argentine. The face of Álvaro Morte listening to these words is of pleasure, of egomania. This is the story of a group of criminals with delusions of grandeur that self-proclaimed children of the revolution.

'The house of paper'

“You can’t control it because it is a vainglorious. Is obsessed with the power. And that means that if it is not he who is at the helm, will do anything possible to get it”, guess Sergio. This is a scene written with a single purpose: to justify the limits that you will reach the argentine in the next few episodes. Lie: there are two purposes for that scene. The first is to teach two bottles of Estrella Galicia (it is difficult to put the product placement in a mugging). The other purpose: to show the dark side of Berlin, which threatens to a stranger who has laughed at him. In a few minutes we will see that, only for having offended thee, that poor man will receive a number of blades in the testicles. It is good that the writers remember that the character of Pedro Alonso is a psychopath.

Someone in that room of writers is very proud of the literary device that of the Maserati, because the next scene is recreated in him. Tokyo has been aware of the nickname that Denver has placed, and will be doing what he knows best: things that made no sense. In a kind of provocation free to Denver, probably guided by a kind of wounded pride, he says: “If you want I can give you a return. Then we give to the button, we erase the tape, destroy the black box and nothing has happened here”. You are confusing a car with a tape player with an aircraft, the truth.

'The house of paper'

The response of Denver, to the height: “I take the Maserati, I put it to 200 and I start to do tubes until you burn the tires. And I’m so wide, beautiful. I am mu male, so take care not to go to be that you have to bring the car to the workshop to change the suspension. And wait until you see how it is the chassis”. Faced with this threat of what rape and beating at the same time?, Tokyo remains without words, and with watery eyes. Again, ‘The house of paper’ shows how men are imposed upon women by the way of the violence, by the very brave are they. What is spoken in a little while Palermo: “There are, empowered women. All this shit atufa and is already completed, chiquita”.

Meanwhile, Antoñanzas proves to be a turncoat loyal: it takes no time in informing the Teacher that the Police has located the hideout in the Philippines. By the way, Antonio Romero becomes a very good comic relief in between so much tension.

For tension, that can be cut between the Sierra and Lisbon. Najwa Nimri is able to convince us that that sociopath is concerned by Raquel Murillo: the inspector offers to your ex-partner make a call to his mother, and his daughter, to save, to exchange information. “To me, nor do I make any illusion that Paula is with the moron of Alberto”, ensures. But when you’re about to convince Lisbon that you deliver to the Professor in exchange for his daughter, Antoñanzas enters the room and teaches him discreetly to Lisbon the watch of the Teacher. Typical of The ‘house of paper’, these moments are the ones that outweigh everything else.

'The house of paper'

And here comes a scene interesting: while Rio is sincere towards Stockholm and confesses in what was their torture when he was detained, far away Denver and Tokyo will laugh at them. Just have a moment of collision free, with a threat of violation including, now liman rough edges to deal with their own jealousy. There are four lost children, but two of them are managing in a healthy way, talking about their feelings, and the other two are not. “Do you know what single thought? It was the Professor who was to be buried alive, and not I”admits River. This will bring tail.

The “chaos silent”

Meanwhile, Palermo continues to implement its “chaos silent”: taking advantage of the weak current of the River, and before the attentive gaze of Belén Cuesta (there it is again), you get to Gandía release of their wives. And this, which we will discover very soon that is a psychopath of the first, uses the trauma of Denver to escape without problems. “Are you going to kill the father of a family to be unarmed that just wants to escape? You’re not going to shoot”he says. And running out of there. “See you soon”. There goes John McClane.

'The house of paper'

And suddenly, Nairobi wake up. Less bad, we missed. This is another one of those moments typical of The ‘house of paper’ which show that their writers work from pivot points very powerful. What is very curious, because it is the most traditional way of writing a television series, thinking in the ad breaks. But we’re talking about a fiction that failed in its original broadcast, and triumphed in the stream, where those turning points are, in principle, are not so necessary. Or yes?

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