The mini dress Swarowski of Danna Paola (Elite) will open and you taught!: “Don’t wear anything underneath”


04 April 2020
(16:22 CET)

When Danna Paola he wants to show that it is one of the latina actresses with best engagedment of the world. And is that little has cost the actress from the series Elite passing the one million likes on their latest publication.

And it has done so with a vengeance due to an image that has been placed in the appears with a mini dress of the brand of jewelry Swaroski that has left everyone stunned.

The truth is that the best return will not been able to have the photography that you have exceeded the million and a half likes in just a few hours.

You like the luxury

It looks like the dress Swaroski is not a coincidence, since that Danna Paola is a lover of all add-ins, luxurious, and above all the handbags.

In Elite already showed: “The majority of the looks that I used in the second and third season came out of my head,” said the actress after confessing that one of her dreams is to become a Carrie Bradshaw (character from Sex and the City played by Sarah Jessica Parker).

Sarah Jessica Parker

A spectacular growth

What of Danna Paola on Instagram it’s hard to explain, and is that the actress Elite has already accumulated more than 21 million followers on his account, which makes it one of the latinas most closely followed of the world.

Interestingly, the actress that dreams to become in the future, Danna Paola, Sarah Jessica Parker, only has 6 million followers.