The Spanish singer Vanesa Martin dedicates moving song to the heroes that fight against the coronavirus


The quarantine and the fight against the coronavirus is being a source of inspiration for many artists who have given the world beautiful music compositions that accompany these days at home. An example of this is the Spanish singer Vanesa Martín, who has wanted to contribute their grain of sand with a beautiful tribute in the form of a song to those who are fighting against the pandemic since the first line of battle: the personal health.

A song to life is the name of the musical piece that makes a call to the union, the empathy and solidarity. The same has an end solidarity: the benefits obtained by the subject are used to plan Red Cross Responds, designed to help the people most affected by the COVID-19. “I couldn’t sit idly by and my concern is resolved in music,” he acknowledged.

The topic was presented this week with a moving video clip composed by heart-wrenching images of the reality that is now living in Spain, as in other countries of the world where a plaguing virus. Streets are empty, the hard-fought battle at the hospitals where the medical personnel fighting on the front line against the virus or the balconies of the houses, where all the evenings he applauds the work of doctors and nurses.

Here, the touching song:

In addition to this beautiful gesture of solidarity, the singer Vanesa Martín has also participated in the new version of the theme I will resist. The song of 1988 of the Dynamic Duo has become an anthem in the fight against the virus, and now has a new version performed by dozens of musicians and singers in Spanish that we have returned to give voice to the song.

Among the artists that have participated in this proposal are David Bisbal, Melendi, Pastora Soler or Alex Ubago, among many others. And like the song Vanesa Martín, this also has a charity and all funds raised are destined for Caritas, an official organization of the catholic Church in Spain for charitable action and social.

Another Spanish artist who has also released a song inspired by the situation that we are living by the pandemic of coronavirus has been Alejandro Sanz, who a few weeks ago presented The world outside.

This improvised song has a positive message and encourages you to think of us waiting when you finish the quarantine: a world full of hugs, reunions and kisses.

“A song created from the running of the bulls, at home, improvisation is travelling in the voice note to my pianist, an instruction of harmony, and a common feeling. A song created in a very organic, with the heart, bare with a single purpose: I am here with you and the world outside,” explained the interpreter Heart Partío in his profile of Instagram about this new song.