Victoria Ruffo broke the silence about the affair that he had with Eugenio Derbez


The controversial romance that was between Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo still causing a stir in the network, as now the actress made a stunning confessions that have left surprised to the users.

And is that the actor in a previous interview that you had with your son, he mentioned that the famous one was who had interest in meeting him, but apparently the actress has denied what was mentioned by Derbez and has revealed the truth of their romance.

The son of the famous shared the second part of the interview that he did to his mom for her new YouTube channel, where the actress was questioned about the romance he had with his dad, so he mentioned something unexpected.

Victoria Ruffo during the talk with his son commented that he met Eugenio Derbez in the company of Televisa, when she was recording the soap opera “Simply Maria”, a production where she also worked for the mom of the actor.

Thus began the romance of the famous

The crush was on the set of make-up, as the actress shared the project with the mother of the famous and respect and education, she went to greet the deceased actress, but the famous there was to coquetearle.

We recall that the famous actors had a romance very controversial, so they decided to finish their love story, but despite the distance, the former actor Eugenio Derbez has no intentions of meeting with the father of José Eduardo.

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During the interview, the actress commented that one of the best stages of your life was the birth of her son, Jose Eduardo, even the famous revealed that he chose that name for a soap opera where she participated.

Photo: Instagram.