“You have art”, the new theme of Leoni Torres next to Beangel that you will not be able to get you out of the head


The cuban singer Leoni Torres have submitted through their YouTube channel their most recent music production, a song called You have art and that has all the features necessary to become and sneak between the lists music hits.

However, on this occasion this is not a book that only highlights the talent of Torres, but that comes hand in hand with the special collaboration of the duo Beangelcomposed by the marriage of cuban artists Bea Cesar and Angel Pututi.

The single has been released through the official YouTube channel of Towers by means of a video lyric in which you can see the full letter.

Since that came to light through the above-mentioned digital platform, You have art it has been very well received by the listeners of the three artists and demonstrate the loving message that can be read in the comment box of the publication of the audiovisual.

“Is that these three composers are of the best, daily I listen to the themes of Beangel, and Leoni, fascinate me,” “Without a doubt it is a good theme, as all three are great composers and interpreters, who follow the hits”, “A song more to sing all days, what a thrill”, “I loved it, very rich topic,” or “Great, congratulations”, are some of the that can be read.

The song, meanwhile, features a catchy rhythm and melody brings to mind the rhythm of Bread with butterone of the last singles that has presented Beangel.

In September 2019, as the artists were announced through social networks that were cooking up a project together, then that Beangel upload a picture of the three of us in his profile of Instagram.

“Life gives you surprises, surprises gives you life. Thanks thousands,” said the couple.

However, it has not been until now that we have been able to see the result of this fusion of styles and voices that, without a doubt, are coupled to the perfection and represent a breath of fresh air for the cuban music.