5 interesting facts about the Marvel movies


On 5. april 2014 Marvel Studios published in The United States Captain America: The Winter Soldierthe second episode of the saga with a stand-alone operation Chris Evans and the third Chapter of Phase 2, after Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.

The film, in addition to the introduction of Sam Wilson/Falcon, Anthony Mackie, “to bring to life the Bucky”, Sebastian Stan (two characters, which is of crucial importance in the course of the Phase 4) and give more weight to Black widow Scarlett Johanssonespecially crack the doors on both Directors then semi-tourism professions Anthony and Joe Russo, of Italian descent and today are not only famous in the whole world, but the only authors together with James Cameron have fresh and a good two blockbuster 2 billion fitted kitchen with Avengers: Infinity Was and Avengers: Endgame.

Here, we offer five interesting facts about the movies Marvel Cinematic Universetoday, as one of the best:

  • Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson wrote the dialogues of your characters for various scenes, and a deep bond of friendship, the consolidated developed over time and continues to this day.
  • Robert Redford wanted to the film because his grandchildren are big fans of the Marvel movies, then he wanted it to be so in one of these.
  • On the question of why Tony Stark, Bruce Banner or any of the other Avengers, were not contacted, Captain America or black widow in the film to help, the let script-writers, note that the events unfold in less than three daysand then the characters have not had the time.
  • In the film, would also have hawkeye appearother character, to the stunning thriller spionistico. However, the authors noticed that in the movie there were too many characters already, and Clint Burton would have risked to be there for no reason. You decided to write to mention a small scene where it is told in the course of events, the scene was filmed, but in the end, not including installation.

For more detailed information, we refer you to the fate of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier according to the new calendar, the outputs of Marvel.