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The painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and singer-songwriter, Spanish, Luis Eduardo Aute, he died the 76-year-old in a hospital in madrid, to which he was admitted yesterday, as was announced by the family.

The also poet suffered a stroke in August of 2016, which meant that for 48 days were in a coma, stopping his career on stage.

After several visits to the hospital, the Spanish composer remained under the care of his family and last night was admitted to the hospital in which he lost his life around 11:30 this morning, according to the news agency EFE.

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Nothing is known about the details of the wake and burial of the artist, because due to the recent health recommendations due to the Covid-19 in Spain, it is thought that it will be very intimate way.

Luis Eduardo Aute he was born in Manila, but his family moved to Madrid when he was 11 years old, and in the capital of Spain, studied some Architecture courses. He married, in 1968, with Marichu Pink, with whom he has three children, his career in music began as a guitarist of the group “The Tigers”, “The Pekeniques” and “Sonor”, until, at 17, he debuted as a singer-songwriter in the TVE program, “Leap to fame”.

His facet as a painter, less known, started from a very young age and first exhibited his works in the Gallery Alcón, in Madrid, in 1960.

He was the author of several works of art, their works have travelled to trade fairs such as the Paris Biennale, the Sao Paulo or ARC.

At the age of 23, Aute ventured into the recording studio but with the condition that they do not give concerts or make promotion in order to have time to continue painting. His first album was entitled “Diálogos de Rodrigo y Jimena”, and included songs like “Roses in the sea” and “Alleluia no. 1”, which had already become popular previously Massiel.

Then came more productions as significant: “Soul” (1980), “Escape” (1982), “Between friends” (1983), “Body to body” (1984), “20 love songs and a poem desperate” (1986) or “Seconds out” (1989) and in the 90’s “falling Slowly” (1992), “hand in Hand” (1993) and “Animal One” (1995).

As a filmmaker made his debut in Paris as assistant of direction of Joseph L. Mankiewicz in the film “Cleopatra” in 1963. He was the author of the animated film””A dog called Pain” and composed soundtracks for characters such as Jaime Chávarri, Luis García Berlanga and Fernando Fernán Gómez. While as a poet he wrote ”the mathematics of The mirror”, “Songs and poems”, “Liturgy of the disorder”, “Songs” and “Luis Eduardo Aute, body of the crime”.

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