Beauty and diversity: The finalists posing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit


United States.- That could be your “lineup” more diverse to date, the magazine Sports Illustrated revealed in social networks the photos of the beautiful women who are finalists to participate in the editing 2019 number of bathing suits, #SISwimSearch.

The top 17 finalists shows some of the most talented women of various ages, sizes and shapes, those who follow their convictions and the causes they bring to the world that are looking to build day by day.

In addition to sharing their images, where some are proud of their stretch marks and cellulite, the profile of Instagram the publication released a brief statement of the participants about the fact of being submitted to appear in the pages of the magazine.

Some will tell you stories about having tried before to get in the top 17 and not having done so until now, while others share their interest in tearing down stereotypes of beauty in function of their culture and their experiences.

Within the list is the exreina beauty colombian Ariadna Gutierrez, a veteran of the united States navy and a dancer who suffers from alopecia.

The women were chosen after the catwalk Miami Swim Week held the past month of June.

Christie Valdiserriinstructor fitness and dancer, she posed in a black bikini for her photo concerning the top 17. The young man suffers from alopecia for a long time and has shared his journey to suffer this condition.

I truly believe that we need to educate the next generations about the beauty comes from who you are, not how lights. Associate hair with beauty we was taught. We were not born believing that your hair makes you pretty, but society has led us to believe that,” says Christie.

So I plan to let my personality and my positive nature to shine regardless of whether I go back or not to have hair on my head again,” adds the dancer.

Christie Valdiserri, model and instructor fitness/Instagram

For its part, Kathy Jacob, 55 years of age, is the participant more more who has ever participated in a catwalk Sports Illustrated.

I’m doing this to be part of a change in the way it looks to women more than 50, not only by society but by themselves. It is a boomerang effect, and we as women over 50 we must stay united and realize how amazing, relevant, beautiful and sexy we are”, external, Kathy.

Kathy Jacob, a model and actress, 55 years old/Instagram

Another of the women who aspire to pose for the copy of Sports Illustrated it is Ashley Alexissa young model plus size that is 28 years old.

In addition to talking about how you have been the victim of bullying by your figure, Ashley described that compete to form part of the journal will allow you to see the people who are “wrong” in their perspectives.

When you truly understand that the beauty that you have is under your complete control, your mentality changes. I know that I am not to everyone’s taste and that is good. Ok that is the biggest challenge. I like to share with people who struggle to love the skin they’re in that you only have one life and one body, and to waste the time hating it is not fair to them”, shared Alexisss.

Ashley Alexiss, model/Instagram

Florinda Estrada, Tanaye White, Salina Jade, JooJoo Hwang, Jamea Lynee and Courtney Smits are also among the finalists.