¡Brutal! Paula Echavarría at 18 years old! and look at his face! Attention to the photo


Paula Echevarría in Disneyland Orlando

April 05, 2020
(16:18 CET)

Paula Echevarría is living his confinement in the company of his daughter Daniella and Miguel Torres, the partner of the actress. However, the small is right now with David Bustamante, his father. The couple maintains a good relationship for the sake of your child and have made the decision to spend half of the quarantine with one and the other half with the other.

The spaniards enter their fourth week confined and have now received the bad news that they will have to endure two more. Also Paula Echevarría. The influencer is carrying this isolation of the best possible way and following it to the letter. Just going out to do some errand of first necessity, such as going to buy.

The partner of Miguel Torres evades your mind and the passage of time with your exercise in your personal gym. Connect with your personal trainer twice a day, once in the morning and another in the afternoon. The artist publishes their day-to-day on their social networks. Games, cooking, nights of Netflix, gymnastics, among other entertainment.

As always Echevarria tries to involve his followers in his life. During this time, to the Candás has invaded the nostalgia. He is eager to be with her family and with her friends, however that still will not be possible. The asturian has released some images of their past, as for example when she was pregnant over ten years ago from Daniella.

paula echevarria with 14 years

But it has not been the only image. Thanks to a photo of Paula Echevarría teen has been able to verify that Daniella carries their genes. Mane dark, dark eyebrows, round face, and lips chubs. As two drops of water. Their only difference are their eyes green, but they are not similar to Bustamante.

“Asturias.. 1991.. 14 years old.. it has hardly rained since then…”, he wrote next to the photo.