Cast of ‘The Nanny’ meets, and so surprised the fans of the series – Laura G


The meeting of our favorite series, always will be one of our favorite moments. As demonstrated Fran Drescher to appear on a recording along with the entire cast of ‘The Nanny’,; that to the distance the first chapter of the series.

The above will take place next Monday, April 6 and promises to be one of the best moments for those fans who miss the cast and they are at home for the quarantine.

“It is a performance of a pandemic only in the life. For our fans around the world, who are currently in isolation and stressed out. That gave us a boost to all of us and we expect that also of you,” said the actress in the announced official of this reunion.

Of course, although it will recreate the first chapter, the cast will be reading the first script, the pilot of the series, which it was necessary to leave the door open to the success that later surrounded the entire cast.

In this reading, will be Charles Shaughnessy, who played many years Maxwel Sheffield, Daniel David as Niles Lauren Lane the always companion of work of the head and known as C. C. Babcock, Nicholle Tom, who was Margaret Sheffield, Benamin Salisbury’s brother in the middle and known as Brighton, Madaleni Zima who played Grace and, of course, Renée Taylor, the mother of ‘The Nanny’, Sylvia.

Up to this time, some television channels in the united States, continue to pass the chapters of the iconic series, however, in Latin america it is possible to see it through Amazon Prime, but without the overdub from the original.

What some day you will pass on?