DC: the Director of Birds of Prey revealed for the film of Harley Quinn failure


Cathy Yandirector of Birds of Prey has finally spoken about the poor performance (or failure) of the tape on one of the appear as villains most iconic DC, Harley Quinnperformed by Margot Robbie.

Cathy Yan

Cathy Yan speaks of the failure of Birds of Prey

DC I had high hopes Birds of Preytape , with Harley Quinn to the front of a group appear as villains, and with classification for over 17 years as a Joker or Deadpool, both with great success and style similar to the tape of the director, Cathy Yanwho has not replicated those results.

  • “I know that the study had expectations really high for the film, like all of us. Also had expectations unduly a film, directed by women, and what most disappointed me was the idea that perhaps demonstrated that we were not ready for this yet”.

In an interview with ComicBook, the director of Birds of Prey explained that the tape is not necessarily considered a total failure on the part of DC, because even though it failed to reach its profit target, at least has received positive reviews from the critics, although it did not receive the support expected from the public.

Too much pressure for the director of Birds of Prey

The director of the first solo adventure of Harley Quinn, was very disappointed by the lack of support from the public to a ribbon DC starring pure women and directed by a woman of color as was Birds of Prey.

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Cathy Yan explained how the be one of the few directors of color in DC, you added a load more pressure to represent their community in Hollywood and the cinema of superheroes.

  • “That was an extra burden that, as a female director of color, had you already on top of me anyway, so, yes, I think there were certainly different ways to interpret the success or lack of success of the film, and everyone has the right to do so, but, I definitely feel that all of them were very quick to jump to a certain angle”.