Dies of coronavirus. Rocío Carrasco is very much affected by the loss. Telecinco in shock


Rocío Carrasco

04 April 2020
(10:15 CET)

Rocío Carrasco is confined at home. In fact, since Antonio David participated in the GH VIP 7 and Rocío Flores was an advocate, now a contestant of Survivor, the daughter of Rocío Jurado just came out of the house to avoid the press. The woman of Fidel Albiac is well. However, on the night of last Friday he received a sad news. A person known for it, especially by his mother, Rocío Jurado, and who was the husband of the latter, Ortega Cano, had a close relationship with him.

To the long list of deaths due to coronavirus is now added Francisco Hernando, more commonly known as Paco the Pocero. The constructor and entrepreneur, lived his adolescence in Vallecas, where he explained not take a shower until nineteen years of age because in her house there was no running water. Thanks to this sad episode of her life began to earn his living by selling water that he had brought in a few jars.

francisco hernando pocero

His companion in this work was curiously Paco, the father of Ortega Cano. Sometimes it was the bullfighter who was engaged in these pursuits, after handing out the churros selling the mother of Hernando. The money that received with these two activities was to feed both families.

I did not know neither read nor write, it succeeded thanks to the help of the teacher of the school to which he could not attend. We spent primers to hidden. However for the numbers was infallible, thanks to counting the litres in the tanks and its price.

The water continued to be the driver of your professional life. Rode a small company to open wells in your area. And slowly landed on the building with the real estate boom.

In the town of Seseña rose a macrourbanización in the era of the real estate bubble. Hernando wanted the inauguration to be big and Julio Iglesias sang for the more than one thousand guests we enjoyed a cocktail where the oysters are offered as if they were potato chips. In 2008 was affected by the economic crisis and ended up pulling out of the sector after a number of clashes.

In one of their favorite restaurants, Portonovo, where he had opened an account, got to know the king emeritus Juan Carlos I. Both taste the same seafood and the Pocero always invited him and his bodyguards. I had a mansion with more sinks that Isabel Preysler. A yacht bigger than the fortune, with all to 20 guests and a private plane. This served to Rocío Jurado returned from Houston to Madrid. On his last journey.