¡Dua Lipa almost teaches it ALL! their “babes” were very tight


Dua Lipa it has become one of the best exponents of the pop of the last decade. His most recent album, “Future Nostalgia” has become one of the favorites of the public and to continue to promote it, the young man decided to almost teach it all using a tight top that squeezed too much out of their “babes”.

The interpreter of “Physical” continues to share images of their best looks for this new album. Dua Lipa his 24 years is the singer of the moment. Not only your disk has achieved popularity, but all the singles they released before premiering the entire album.

“Don’t Start Now”, “Future Nostalgia”, “Physical” and “Break My Heart” have become the most played songs on various music platforms. Therefore, Dua Lipa is still standing as one of the artists promise of the music industry.

However, the british also continues to conquer the hearts of their millions of fans on social networks to be displayed are almost always with very few clothes, because it has a sculptural body and a face very beautiful, have fallen in love with more than one. Even the singer before being so famous, also dabbled as a model.

Dua Lipa shows your figure

The star of origin in Kosovo shared a photo where he is using a top belt-black in color, that pressed their babes, that almost made him teach me everything. In addition, Dua Lipa showed her figure to continue with the promotion of his recent album.

Dua Lipa also wore a pair of pants and boots type latex to complete the risky look. The singer of “New Rules” tends to make his side more sensual but also more fun in social networks, by which, more than 41 million followers on Instagram are more than happy with the images.

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The wedding of Anwar Hadid could get several nominations in this 2020, and the following year thanks to his new album. However, Dua Lipa by the time he has had to do all of his promotional campaign only in a digital way, since the quarantine could not give any more tours until further notice.