Emily Ratajkowski is shown without clothing, and cause controversy as it appears next to a man


The famous international model, Emily Ratajkowski, one of the most beautiful women in the world, he decided to reveal a photo that caused controversy, as it appears without any clothes and next to her husband.

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Many criticized her because the young woman appears totally without any clothes, which many viewed as risky to your health, since they are all isolated and felt that she was not.

However, Emily revealed that if you are cared in the home, and even revealed which type of clothing used and how it is that you are going through these difficult times.

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The beautiful young wrote: “This is not what it seems, in our [email protected] we are mainly in hoodies and hooded sweatshirts, but since I posted this during my questions and answers, why not post it here? This was about 6 months after we got married, summer of 2018”, so many misunderstood things.

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Your photo drew so much attention that it already has over 2 million likes, only 20 hours have gone up, something quite impressive even for a model so famous, because all of them were surprised of their naturalness.

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This photo shoot was several months ago, however we know that in esstos moments if you are inside the house taking care of you. Emily is also being afectanda, as you all don’t want to get nor spread it to the other, and seeks to promote social distancing.

Emily is one of the models most beloved by the public of the fashion and on the runways as it is now in social networks, because your slim and slender figure is as few and highlights pretty with your face of angel, because it has it all, figure, charisma and personality.

The model is still consenting to his fans, since it doesn’t seem to want to stop producing content for this social network, where we share the best photographs of each and every girl that has used his account to generate some business, this is how it works this new world of influencers and promotions subtle.