Emily Ratajkowski without any clothes on and to do it with him in the TOILET (and the photo is a scandal)


Emily Ratajkowski

April 05, 2020
(17:14 CET)

Emily Ratajkowski has decided to break the social networks again with an image very pitch climb that had already hung in their histories and it seems that he has not imported it, put it on your wall to see the great success that was.

In the image comes out without any clothes on taking a photo selfie in a mirror of her home with her husband Sebastian Beard-McClard covering his private areas with his hands.

She explains it this way: “This is not what seems to our quarantine (we are in sweatshirts and hoodies) but since I posted this during my questions and answers, why not post it here? This was about 6 months after we got married, summer ’18”.

This is not the first time

In fact, it is not the first time that we see the top model american as well, already made famous for coming out on a video clip Robin Thickle dancing without clothes.

Something that led her to the stardom overnight, and subsequently the clothing brands launched by it with all.

Criticism unwelcomed

It seems that there has been some jealousy and envy in this photo of Emily Ratajkowski, as there are people who believe that they are not following the social distancing that requires the coronavirus.

Although it does not seem that this has troubled you too to the couple, because as confirmed the top model photography is not new, precisely.