Hunger Games: the legacy of the famine to the time of the influencer


We are all familiar with the Hunger Games, right? This film came out in 2012, with Jennifer Lawrence youngalready known as a Mystica the new X-menbut that we had given to us still of this character, we could show, as your unique. Very well, we will talk about some of the problems on this work. You interpreted Katniss Everdeenfor a good 3 years, has allowed us to reveal many of his ways, and to grow as an actress and especially as a symbol. But then, when the films about the Hunger Games were so important to throw the career of this star, because bad talk? Mind you, to justify this section does not critiche Remo a negative impact on the entire saga without this and, above all, it is not a review. Not to mention all the differences between the novels and the movies (otherwise finirei in the morning, especially on “The Girl On Fire“to delete the selection, Chapter 11). We will just have a nice conversation about how these films have given that these strands of film for young people, all of the dystopian with the same shape and science fiction, that now there is more space on the platforms of Netflix in comparison to the big screen. We are all in agreement? Well, let’s start.

Hunger Games the first book I had bought with my soldini, and I read it all in one go, without that no one in the school had me committed. After the visit to the cinema, I fell in love with me, and so began my passion for the genre and especially for writing. I am first and foremost a fan, and a passionate sagaand that’s why I’m here to tell my what went wrong in the implementation, and where the author has perhaps exaggerated. For those who don’t know, The Hunger Games (a poor translation in “The games of Hunger”, a title never used in English, fortunately) a trilogy of novel-young adult, born by Suzanne Collins in 2008. You showed yourself from the first novel, we were able to stop just on this book, but there are others to come. After graduating with Mockingjay in 2010, we have a sigh of relief, I hope. Ah right, you know, a spin-off is called The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes? No? You have time until the 19th century. may decide for themselves whether to read or not.

“And may the luck always be on your side.”

In short, you can’t say that all of the films, the Katniss exceptional luck at the box office were Yes). We were in parties with this young girl, good with the bow, lived in poverty, in his sad and dreary district 12, the last in the series is weaker than the other. 74 years before the events that had led to a rebellion, the region of Panem, almost to kill themselves, then come to an agreement. We say that more than an agreement to talk of a real threat to all districts was, and is, to try to silence and stop, a second revolution, the President of Capitol City had lighting on: why do not create the games, where 24 children, they will kill each other until it is not merely a? I must admit, that to lure, to go to my parents to see this movie in the year 2012, the I exactly. And we can confirm in unison that the idea was that we were all from the Hunger Games? It was a title that spoke of survival, hope, despair and love. But why the saga has become, a battle royal, in a civil war?

Katniss, the influencer in 2015? She, too, had a kind of green-screen and then…

The fold, he took Hunger Games could be guessed, the has remained since the first novel, but not tangeva the young minds were affected by the brutality written on the pages, and especially the romantic plot is not so much banal as the other. We already had our Nice you had to choose between the vampirello and chihuahua werewolf ” (quote from the parody, I’m not offended Twilight or New Moon), but here is Katniss he could not choose. Here he could only do what the audience expects from you: a story of love and damn touchingborn , to not only gain more sponsors as possible, in order not to die from hunger and thirst during the games. In fact, since the first film one of the most important topics of the communication, and the fiction was. The games themselves were a reality show, such as our The Mole or The Big Brotherjust more raw and sick. He was an excellent starting point to create a compelling story and, at the same time, a life, and a criticism of our society. Where is nato then? Let the two basics recap from The Hunger Games: violence and fiction. Equilibrandoli you get a show for the eyes, as the first film was. The reason of this structure, you have all the others. In fact, if you, well, the real problem behind the First part of de “The song of the revolt“that was exactly that: nothing happens and you talked too much. Katniss it influencer that he has videos on Youtube of the districts to fight the Capitol City was. To recite fantastic then the scene where they try, and all the steam and move the head as a sign of rejection, as if you were talking just this sequence, but how they reduced the whole situation.

“If we burn, you burn with us!”

And that is exactly what happened, Hunger Games, and to us fans: we have burned. We demanded too much and we ended up with a handful of flies. But what, then, is the name for this article? Exactly what I remember, movies, and novels: you speak of hunger and death, but with the players in the middle. The real problem, therefore these identity of a dancer is the harmony breaks in the trilogy. Katniss is the icon that many girls admired the times, and that he had allowed to arise, as Divergent, The Giver, The Maze Runner or The Fifth Wave (this is a little more innovative other). All always the same scheme that worked then had, but now not go ahead. In fact, in the cinema, it is heavy, similar now while on Netflix and company, it will be almost flooded. Then the legacy of the Hunger Games is not deadreally, the innovations brought to the genre. His successors have only moved to other areas, to tell your audience and, especially, more episodes, better their own stories.