I avoid this! Do not buy this fish when you go to the supermarket



04 April 2020
(11:25 CET)

If it comes to your health, fish is one of the best options for the human feeding. It is very popular for being used at the time of carrying diets to lose weight or stay in shape. However, there are many varieties, and, on this occasion, we will talk of some kind that is not precisely a marvel for you buy in the supermarket.

These animals provide a great amount of special nutrients that maintained in a good functioning digestive system, and cardiovascular. The majority have a low presence of fat, which makes them ideal to be assimilated by the body. As well as high levels of calcium, vitamins A and B, iron, and magnesium. The white fish is most commonly used to the diets, due to its higher nutritional values. The case is that not all white fish is suitable for consumption.

What is wrong with the white fish?

The fish panga it is one of those that recently met its low nutritional value, is from Vietnam and is consumed a lot in Spain for being economically accessible. It was found that it has high levels of mercury, which is harmful. Are also present other substances such as polyphosphates, which trigger the clotting of the blood that triggers other terrible diseases.

Another similar fish, and of bad reputation currently is the Perch. Generates similar problems, comes from Asia and does not represent an energy value important, much less provides a quality remarkable for the health.

And, finally, the Tilapiathat , in addition to not being a great benefit to the body, is a carrier of a large number of parasites. As if outside little, to be frozen for quite some time, it loses even more of its lack of properties according to recent studies.

In general, these fish grow in unfavourable environments of which we did not know about until long after you do research.

Therefore, it is advisable to stay informed about the habitat in which they grow and their health benefits. It should be noted that it is better to do the analysis by isolating the economic issue to take the healthiest decision. Until the fish has its exceptions.