I do it in the bath! “For this you have finished the OT”. Aitana the lid. Do not return


aitana singing

04 April 2020
(10:30 CET)

OT 2020 had to be cancelled due to the crisis of the coronavirus. It was unfeasible to continue with the program without an audience, without cameras, without teachers and without a jury. Seen that the situation was going to take longer than anticipated, the direction of the program took the decision to send the contestants to their houses as an exceptional measure until further notice. This plays against the program since the concusantes have contact with the outside world and with his followers. In addition, they can continue practicing or not outside of the Academy.

OT 2020 has been the worst edition in terms of audience. Some believed that the program would be cancelled before its end, as has already happened with the 2009 edition presented by Pilar Rubio in Telecinco. Finally, it has been a virus who has loaded the program. It is very likely that the gap will not be able to celebrate with the same conditions until September. 7 months after its cancellation. The possibility of not coming back is on the table.

gerard naked in the bathtub of her home

To maintain the illusion of the spectators and the contestants still active. The program offers you all of the weeks challenges and a pass of micros. Are the teachers and Noemí Galera who I value. This week has surprised Gerard, who’s in the second pass of micros naked both outside and inside.

The ceuta had chosen “Stay”, a song by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko around the that, far from being limited to covering, has decided to record an authentic video clip of a home. The contestant is walking around with mobile in hand for all corners of your house with changes of costumes including. To stay completely naked.

Without any complex, the contestant has stripped completely to get into the bath, and even play with the angle of the camera to insinuate -but do not teach – their parties are more intimate.