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04 April 2020
(10:00 CET)

Kiko Matamoros is confined at home with his partner Marta Lopez. Through the social networks of the model discovered some of the things they do during this closure, as for example to read before bedtime. However, Matamoros is one of the few co-workers that goes daily to Save me.

This Friday the speaker has had occasion to speak by phone with his son Diego Matamoros. The young confirmed last week that he suffered coronavirus and is happening this isolation completely alone after separating from Wake Large. Something very hard for him because he “you have to make it all without the strength and fatigue generalized”.

diego matamoros f3c182fa 900x500Kiko Matamoros have shown your concern during these days by his son. The partner of Save me has been very aware of him from the distance. I felt anxiety not knowing what happened to her son and did not want that in moments like this, going into a hospital. “The day I started having the first symptoms was when it came to all that had symptoms and has been lucky that no harm came to him“, Kiko said, relieved. Although father and son have a relationship smoothly, Kiko Matamoros has revealed that “we have been in contact since I was sick.”

Kiko has ensured that what has been lived “with great concern”and that when he spoke by phone with Diego to sense his fear when I told him, “dad, I think that I have to enter”. The added peace of mind of the contributor in these weeks is your child “fortunately, he has friends and contacts that we have made the tracking more or less at a distance.”

Diego Matamoros has felt very grateful to his family and friends. “Thanks to my family, to people I know, to my former spouse, and the people who love me.” Once more has returned to mention Estela’s Big, something that would not have liked to Kiko Matamoros, who suffers the rejection of her.

The partner of Save me nor you liked the last publication of your child. Diego Matamoros has pulled out of memories to make it clear to their followers that stay home. The young man knows that he has a good body and has no problem in teaching it, even more now that you are single.

In the photo you can see him completely naked. This is not the first time you do it, but it is the picture most hot and sassy. With this image you want to make it clear that he is doing much better. “Now more than ever stay at home #athome #yomequedoencasa”has written next to the image. With someone like him and naked, it either stays at home.

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