Jorge Javier Vázquez teaches it. In the shower and without clothes! The temperature rises


jorge javier vázquez, and josé antonio avilés

04 April 2020
(11:10 CET)

Jorge Javier Vazquez it gets to the front of the gallic officers of Survivors and has received a tremendous surprise. I could not stop looking at the camera and is that the presenter is dismissed. Ferre and Hugo Sierra were the winners of the test of rewards of the week and often a gift received. The boys were able to enjoy a night in a hotel with a bed and a shower. The castaways reunite in a unique setting facing the sea of the Cayos Cochinos before the destitute were to be contestants in full right from the reality show.

Hugo Sierra was the first to arrive at the “bungalow” and enjoyed a good shower with soap to remove the dirt accumulated during these days and relax. After that came Ferre, who was without hesitation to the bathroom to take a nice shower. The young man had no problem in undressing in front of the cameras and show their naked body to the public, who has saved us one more time of the nomination.

Best of all was the great dinner that the program had prepared filled with all the food they could want. In addition there was no limit of eating. Comiero pasta and a cake for dessert that is not been able to resist.

They both had time to reflect on your experience in the contest. Hugo Sierra lacked Ivanna Icardi, his partner of contest, with who has already had some encounter.