Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom reveal the sex of your baby


The singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloomfor those who are about to become parents, announced in social networks the sex of your baby.

The couple who just a few weeks announced that it was expecting a baby, revealed to be the parents of a girl.

The news gave it to Perry in his account of Instagram, where through a photo showed it to her fiance, Bloom with the face full of bitumen of a tone color pink, indicating the sex of their baby.

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This way of revealing the sex of the babies has gained popularity throughout the world, where a mysterious object contain in its interior the color pink or blue depending on the sex of the child.

“The girls dominate the world”. “It’s a girl,” wrote Perry in the location and description of your publication, respectively.

Soon, the supporters and friends of the couple began to fill the publication of the interpreter with comments of congratulations and excitement.

Among the celebrities who showed him his appreciation to the new member of the family Bloom-Perry, are the singers Rita Ora and Dua Lipa, who claim, they can’t wait to meet the little of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.