Luis Silva-broken refrigerator in full quarantine for the coronavirus

The comedian cuban Luis Silva he said that, after having buried the refrigerator Panfilo in the last chapter of Live the storynow he had broken his in full quarantine for the coronavirus.

The artist published two images in which he and his wife fixing the refrigerator, not frozen.

“Last Monday we did the funny burying the refrigerator of Pamphilus; and now it breaks mine. After a patch, already grabbed it, let’s hope that freeze. To pray,” wrote the humorist.

“Ay, by God, lots of luck”, “God wants them to be resolved quickly. Rupert that do not touch please-lol”, “I Wish I worked”, “Oh, I hope everything is a joke”, “I Hope to resolve fast this”, commented on some of the followers of the artist.

In the last chapter of Live the story, which premiered last Monday, march 30, under the title “Identity”, Pánfilo Epiphanius had problems with the refrigerator and called to a technician thinking that it was “a nonsense”.

However, the technician informed him that I needed a new compressor to be able to start again the engine. Panfilo tried to buy a new machine and was unable to, and ended up burying the refrigerator in the cemetery, next to all its neighbors, as if it were a loved one.

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