Maria Leon: So he lived the LIVE of Instagram from your bath Wow!


María León broadcast a live Instagram from the safety of his home (actually in her bathroom for the acoustics), since the singer delighted its over 1.6 million followers singing the best of his musical repertoire and was glad the night in the company of his acoustic guitar.

In the bathroom of the Sergeant Leon it could be seen a beautiful decoration of lights in the background, the singer was sitting in what seems to be a chair, with dithering of flowers and wore a sensual body of black lace with a pronounced cleavage, which fell in love with his most loyal followers in social networks.

The mexican singer shared in their stories of Instagram, the reaction from their fans, who did not hesitate in labeling it in their publications, leaving emotional comments, since many agree that it felt like one of his concerts; recalling that will have to wait a little more for their Unbreakable Tour.

So we lived in live of María León

Later, the interpreter of “Perro Amor” posted a snapshot where she thanked her fans for join her in the live of Instagram, he also mentioned that this quarantine by Coronaviruses has not been easy for her, but wants to continue to help their fans to get through each day that pass without leaving the house.

  • “Thanks for yesterday, was good to the #LiveDesdeElBaño , we have incredible… make this “burial,” I say, closure is more bearable (if you saw the live, you know what this means)… All of this will pass but in the meantime let’s be positive, connect from home; with music, with love and a good bit of mezcal…”

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Maria Leon even accompanied their evening concert at home with a “mezcalito”, with their phrases and favorite beverages to include to spend a good time, because your positive attitude along with its natural beauty, is one of the reasons why it has continued to increased its popularity in social networks.