Matt LeBlanc confesses the strangest thing happened when they made the series


The popularity of a series like Friends has never diminished, despite the fact that officially ended 16 years ago.

In the era of the content by streaming, a lot of people are discovering is still the ten tempodadas who offered us the adventures of Monica, Ross,Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler, so that devotion to the series has remained so strong that the cast finally agreed to do a special meeting after years of requests from fans.

The Friends Mania was in its heyday during the 90s, and Matt LeBlanc, which we all know he played Joey Tribbiani, has had now a particular incident that led to the invasion of the privacy of the actors to a whole new level.

During an interview pre-taped for The Kelly Clarkson Showthe actor talked about the time he was surprised to see as they recorded their home while he was inside of her.

Friends cast: Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc

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I remember once I was doing zapping watching the news and, for some reason, they had a split screen on tv, with six quadrants,” he said. “Each one contained a take in direct of each of our homes, with pictures taken from a helicopter. What I was seeing and had not information or news, only showed houses”.

It was then when the actor decided to take advantage of that strange situation in a way very unique.

“I remember that I looked at my house and I thought ‘Fuck, I need a new roof’. So when it was the helicopter I grabbed a ladder and climbed up to him.”

The actor, who repeated his character in Joey, a spin-off of short duration, also spoke about the lasting popularity of the series, saying “I’m sorry in a way as relevant as it did then,” and added that “the ability to see something in excess” has made a big difference in the growth of the audience.

Friends cast

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“It’s fun, because we are all much older now. You look on tv and you think, ‘Look how young you are you’ And then you look in the mirror and say ‘Oh, lord'”.