Models and ‘influencers’ declared war on the pajamas and tracksuit


Normally, one associates with being at home looks comfortable and casual even can be used for exercise. The new wardrobe is formed, in its majority, by sets, sports t-shirts, hoodies, and pants, of a width of XL, that are the kind of outfits that allow you to spend the day in a relaxed way. Although not all are in these mixtures in their preferred for these weeks. It seems that there is a new and current models and influencers have rebelled at the idea of dressing just with pajamas or sports clothes. This Sunday would have given a respite to the outfits more comfy of the closet, replaced by a garment rather unexpected at this time: the cowboys. And that is, without the possibility of exit to the street, it might seem a little irreverent to the idea of looking that is the king of the street style. However, they found in him the way to follow the latest with trends.

Chiara FerragniVIEW GALLERY

Chiara Ferragni is willing to go contrary to the trends more homemade. A week ago, the Italian has already surprised his fans by showing the jewelry they did not lack in their combinationseven in those formed by the bottoms. In addition to wanting to squeeze the most out of your collection of add-ons, his new plan is to get us to reconcile with the pants denim. And is that are also one of the election’s most comfortable closet, so you seem to be the perfect substitute to give a respite to the cotton trousers elasticated or widths and replace them, at least once in a while, for a model with a little more style. If we consider that is an expert in creating new fashions -in quarantine has launched a challenge to eat cookies in the shortest time possible-we do not rule out that get your fans to return to resume the relationship with the cowboys.


On the other side of the Atlantic, Kaia Gerber could not agree more with the creator of The Blonde Salad. Also the model that, until now, had only shared a selfie home with a sweatshirt, has decided to change the strategy of style. Yes, he took advantage of to get a smile to its fans to accompany the image of your look with a “I almost forget the cowboys”. The followers have agreed with her that it is a garment that has been quite forgotten. A series of comments that could be summed up in the phrase written by Maeve Reilly. “What are the jeans?”, wondered below the picture of the model of the famous stylist Hailey Baldwin.

Gizele OliveiraVIEW GALLERY

Also Gizele Oliveira, who has paraded for Victoria’s Secret, has joined the trendy denim from his home in Connecticut. Although unlike Chiara and Kaia, have not bet for a top blue straps with which to pass the day comfortably. The model has preferred to create a styling in which there was missing detail that is perfect for getting out to the street at any time. A mixture formed by jeans, quilted jacket Chanel and, our add-in favorite, a minibolso with patterned cow in colour dusty pink.