Natalia Barulich is still related to Neymar – People


Natalia Barulich apparently still interested in Neymar. For now there is nothing confirmed, but the couple still have a relationship, so to be friends, because the media have always been pending the move of both characters, as they are always the talk to the paparazzi in Europe. The who was bride Maluma not been able to forget his relationship with the striker of PSG, so that rumors of a romance clandestino can be strong.

Barulich was for two years of the famous colombian singer of urban music, Maluma, but since he has been linking with Neymar his relationship with the artist you came to pique and at the end broke off, so that in his time it was said, that the cause of the separation was the end of the PSG, but it never came to confirm. Before all these rumors, Maluma and Natalia were one of the couples most popular in the network, but all of this wine down the drain in a matter of weeks.

It makes one think that she is having something more than friendship with Neymar, and here there would be one more test that could confirm their courtship. Since for weeks that comes murmuring of a friendship more special between the model and the soccer star. Many come to conclude that the one who Natalia Barulich broke up with Maluma by starting a relationship with Neymar.

It is said that the rupture of the colombian singer and model, whom he met during the filming of the video clip of Happy four, it was the product of jealousy, which were born by the great proximity of the brazilian with his then-girlfriend. For now there is nothing confirmed, but keep the suspicions that if she is keeping a very close friendship with Neymar. @Mundiario