Niurka presumed to her handsome son, Emilio Marcos on Instagram, How It has grown!


The vedette Niurka Marcos not only is an attractive woman with a great talent, but is also a proud mom who enjoys to brag about their children. However, each that displays a photo of her handsome son, Emilio Marcos, their fans get crazy to see how fast they will grow young.

Emilio Osorio Marcosthe son of Niurka with the producer Juan Osorio, has inherited the beauty and sensuality of your mom. The young man with only 17 years of age, being the youngest son of the actress and dancer, is the most outstanding in the world of the show, unlike his siblings, Kiko, Romina.

The young man started his career from child, with appearances in soap operas produced by his dad Juan Osorio. However, what has made the career of Emilio Marcos take-off is his talent for music. The son of Niurka Marcos is one of the promises of the music industry in the Latin genres, and their parents always have supported it.

Emilio Mark cause the rage on Instagram

Recently, Niurka shared a picture of his son on his official Instagram, but the spectacular image fast was filled with praise for the young singer, who soon will launch something new in their music. So, “the woman scandal,” decided to help his son with the promotion of his new work.

Additionally, Emilio has had a major physical change as the years pass, since it has spent a lot of exercising as his sister Romi Marcos, and both now look a physique well toned.

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By its visual appeal, Emilio has caused anger on Instagram, so every day you collect many more fans that fall in love with the youngest son of Niurka Marcos for his galanura and also for his talent in the music and on the small screen.