O war on Saturday Deluxe! Kiko Hernandez strikes again (and she is silent)


Kiko Hernández from your home

04 April 2020
(11:00 CET)

After a break of almost three weeks, the partner wanted to Save me, Kiko Hernández, has returned to space, although in a virtual way, by the big door. In your own home, the tertullian, very professional, has assembled a set. Hernandez comes with the batteries charged and the first in taking shots is Terelu Campos, with whom it seems that he buried the hatchet. Without hairs in the tongue-has weighed in on the latest controversy surrounding Alejandra Rubio.

The young woman, who begins to dawn on the dishes of Telecinco, is accused of insulting Lydia Lozano in a private dinner with friends. To the surprise of all, Kiko, Hernandez seconded, to Alejandra Rubio, but he has done so by attacking Terelu. “This girl knows that if you are working in television is for being the daughter of Terelu Fields, and have a clear“said blunt. And remove iron to the subject matter of the controversy with the following words: “We’re doing a debate of how a young girl who has not done absolutely nothing. Only to be the daughter of Terelu Fields”.

kiko hernandez attacks terelu and defends alejandraAccording to Kiko Hernández, Alejandra Rubio, he had never worked in television if it were not the daughter of Terelu Fields. However, the contributor reiterates that Alejandra agree that she is the daughter of Terelu and that this is so, however her mother does not accept it. “Your mother is not assumed to be the daughter of María Teresa Campos and that you have been given the opportunities they have given for it.”

Jorge Javier Vázquez has come out in defense of the malagueña. It may be true that you have had that first opportunity to be the daughter of the communicator, however, to stay in television has won for itself. “Don’t follow in television by being the daughter of María Teresa Campos”.

Kiko Hernandez makes it clear that after many years one can no longer doubt of the professionalism of Terelu. However, he continues to believe that given an opportunity over several months and years.