Oh scandal! Manager-Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee recorded by the FBI


Raphy Pina, manager the famous reggaeton Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankeetoday is starring in one of the worst scandals after knowing that one of their residences was recorded by el FBI.

Recall that a few days ago Raphy Pina shared a series of images together to Ozuna. However, it seems that the landscape for this music producer has been changed completely, since today is the protagonist a strong scandal.

According to the information provided in various media of Puerto Rico, it is said that the federal authorities, specifically the FBI complied with a search warrant and search warrant in a residence that is owned by Raphy Pina.

FBI records residence of Raphy Pina

This same information indicates that the famous manager of Natti Natasha and Daddy Yankee has no knowledge of what the FBI is looking for in your property, in addition to that it is known that Raphy Pina was not living in this building for more than eight months.

Also the press spokesman of the FBI, Limary Cruz Rubio, confirmed to a local media that federal agents raided this property, located in the municipalities of Caguas, though not revealed the reason that led them to comply with this order of registration.

The manager of Daddy Yankee reappears after the raid

With regard to this topic, the music producer Raphy Pina published a video on his account of Instagram that claims to be quiet, in spite of this terrible event along with the FBI in Puerto Rico. A video in which he declared the following:

“The crown we have held, but there is a virus that’s out there, that is the virus of envy. You can’t let that affect” as referring to happened in his residence in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

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