¡OMG! The quarantine has made havoc in Maluma and got a hair cut it’s Britney Spears!


The famous, including Maluma, are not accustomed to spending so much time at home, as they do now in times of quarantine as a preventive measure.

Their busy schedules take them to the remotest places, and there are even those who spend months without going home, and that knows well the colombian singer.

It is for this reason that perhaps the days of running of the bulls become a little tedious and frustrating, and that is when the leisure strikes!

The ex of Natalia Barulich you have known a lot of looks on the hair, along his artistic career.

Long, short, blond, dark… it Seems that the reggaetonero all style, looks, and wanted to innovate with a new hairstyle in which the hair “shines by his absence”.

Well, yes, the the interpreter of “What a shame” he decided to shave his head completely, in what we assume was an attack of leisure and even boredom.

Without doubt, this new look of Maluma does remind one that was made by Britney Spears in 2007, in the midst of a personal crisis that left all her fans in awe. We hope this is not the case!