“Plugged in”. Belén Esteban is hidden. “I am ashamed of you,” or “this is how it works Telecinco”


bethlehem stephen cook

04 April 2020
(11:25 CET)

Since before the proclamation of the state of alarm, Belén Esteban remains confined in his house. The partner took the decision to leave their jobs for reasons more than obvious. The Paracuellos is a person high-risk for developing diabetes.

Belen Esteban is in the company of his daughter Andrea Janeiro, who left Uk after cancelled classes. For its part, the contributor is not in the company of her husband, Miguel Marcos. The young woman is a ambulance driver and therefore also a person of risk, for this reason we decided to split up for the duration of the quarantine. Already are three months apart.

Andrea de Janeiro is now your best company, great support, and also your colleague. Belén Esteban is revealed to Jorge Javier Vázquez that it was Andrea who recorded and connected with the program. She has studied to be a technical on tv and radio. The daughter of Jesulín is a key part of the cooking section of her mother.

The section of Belén Esteban has become something usual and Andrea Janeiro this will give you practice. From Save me are happy. Note that the camera every time makes it better, is have been highlighted from the program.

Belén Esteban has given to Andrea de Janeiro a new mobile, with tripod and headphones to be a genuine professional when to do retransmissions. Without a doubt it is doing great, although Andrea would like to be in the radius of sound engineering.

You see, coming soon to Andrea de Janeiro through the corridors of Mediaset, as Anna Ferrer or Alejandra Rubio. And his followers will write “plugged”, “I am ashamed of you,” or “this is how it works the tv, that’s disgusting”