Rita Ora admits that, with only 29 years, since the fight against age discrimination


The singer Rita Ora you have just 29 years old and, in that sense, still has not begun to receive those absurd mockery of those artists as Madonna, Cher and others still younger than them to account his decision to continue cultivating their facets of pop stars, from a certain age. However, and as revealed by the interpreter british in your last interview, has already begun to feel some pressure -from the outside – tied to the years of career that would be ahead.

“The problem is that my insecurities were compounded when I read certain comments about my age. And I start to think: ‘I’m not so young as beforesince I’m not the new girl and breaking of my beginnings’”he explained the music star in his most recent conversation with the journal NME. “And then I remember that J. Lo had his first big break in the industry when it had already entered the thirties”, has been added below.

The vocalist has also admitted that your physical image will be seen, as could not be otherwise, progressively altered with the course of the years, but in any case, the passage of time does not necessarily mean that they are going to lose an iota of its appeal, of their right to project their sexuality and, of course, of his artistic creativity.

“I can say proudly that yes, that my appearance is part of my work and my musical proposal. I feel very comfortable in my own skin and with my body, but it also gives some the opportunity to say: ‘Well, you are getting older’. And that is nonsense, you can look wonderful at any age and, in any case, that scrutiny does not apply to men. Never ask them how old they are”, he has asserted.