SERIES: cast of “The Nanny” will recreate an iconic chapter To what it is?


The popular sitcom american “The Nanny” (The Nanny, in English) will return in full by 2020, more than two decades after having reached its final season. This is one of the most famous series of all times, by which, the cast has decided to recreate an iconic chapter to fully live for fans.

“The Nanny” was a television series premiered in 1993. Had as its protagonist the actress Fran Drescher in the role of Fran Fine, a cosmetologist who inadvertently ends up becoming a nanny to a british family millionaire.

The cast of “The Nanny”, was also shaped by the actors Charles Shaughnessy (Maxwell Sheffield), Madeline Zima (Grace), Daniel Davis (Niles), Lauren Lane (C. C. Babcock), Benjamin Salisbury (Brighton) and Nicholle Tom (Margaret).

The famous comedy series ended in 1999, after 6 amazing seasons that made this show one of the most successful not only in the united States, but in various countries of the world. Thanks to this program Fran Drescher became one of the stars most recognizable, and an icon of fashion for many brands and designers.

The Nanny is back

As it’s been over 20 years since the series ended, the entire cast of “The Nanny” decided to meet in a virtual way to return during this quarantine to meet the fans. It was the same Fran Drescher made this announcement through their social networks.

The actress of “The Nanny” published this April 6 through the Youtube channel of Sony Pictures, will be broadcast completely live, the recreation of the remembered chapter pilot of the series, which all met the characters and we encariñamos.

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So if you are a big fan of “The Nanny” won’t want to miss this transmission that have made the actors to give a little humor to the public during this quarantine.